Call for Papers: Special Issue of Gender in Management

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Gender in Management Special Issue: Gender and Entrepreneurship in Cross Cultural Perspectives

Guest Editor

Professor (Dr.) Ramanjeet Singh, Amity University, India

Guest Assistant Editor

Dr Hima Bindu Kota, Amity University, India

The relation between gender and entrepreneurship is a well-researched and a very contemporary topic. Henry (2013), Shinnar and Giacomin (2012), Boyd (2005), Díaz-García, Jiménez-Moreno (2010), Lerner and Pines (2010), Gupta, Turban and Wasti (2009), Wilson, Pines & Schwartz (2008), Kickul and Marlino (2007), Verheul et al, (2006),Bruni, Gherardi and Poggio (2004), Mueller (2004), Hielman and Chen (2003), Muravyev (2007), Fischer, Reuber and Dyke (1985) are some of the researchers who have studied this area extensively.

Though the relation between gender and entrepreneurship is a well-cited topic, this special issue focuses on Cross Cultural Perspectives.

There are several studies examining cross-cultural aspects of entrepreneurs (Gupta and Fernandez, 2009; Mueller and Thomas, 2001), gender and entrepreneurship (Thébaud, 2010), gender stereotypes and entrepreneurship (Gupta, Turban and Wasti, 2009).

However, limited researchers like that of Mueller and Dato-on (2010) are found studying the gender stereotypes and entrepreneurship in cross cultural perspectives.

Therefore, this special issue will make original contribution to this area.

This special edition, Gender and Entrepreneurship in Cross Cultural Perspectives, endeavours to provide an international platform to academicians, research scholars and practioners from across the world to contribute their scholarly research and to lead in the advancement of inter-disciplinary research of gender studies, entrepreneurship and cross-cultural management, for the benefit of academia, business and society at large, by publishing theoretical, empirical, experimental and applied research.

This aim will be met by getting scholarly research contributions from good researchers in the various areas of management.

Scholarly research contributions are invited from the following areas:

  1. Women Entrepreneurs across cultures: Issues and Challenges
  2. Role of Gender Attributes in Entrepreneurial Success
  3. Gender differences in Entrepreneurship
  4. Cultural Clusters
  5. Gender in family business management : Cross-cultural perspective
  6. Gender-role orientation and entrepreneurial self-efficacy : Cross-cultural perspective
  7. The cross-cultural perspectives of women entrepreneurs in male-dominated leadership cultures
  8. Entrepreneurship, Finance & Gender
  9. Role of Resilience and Self-Efficacy for Entrepreneurial Intentions
  10. Risk taking propensity, gender, and entrepreneurship: Cross-cultural perspective
  11. Gender Gaps in Potential for Entrepreneurship Across Countries and Cultures
  12. ICT and Gender Issues in the Higher Education of Entrepreneurs
  13. Gender & Work life balance : Cross-cultural perspective
  14. Gender and Organizational Performance
  15. The cross-cultural perspectives of entrepreneurship
  16. Identifying and Encouraging “Potential Entrepreneurs”
  17. Entrepreneurs and contribution to economy
  18. Social entrepreneurs in cross-cultural context
  19. Role of culture and society in promoting entrepreneurial spirit.
  20. Culture and Gender Stereotypes

Application Process

Research submissions must be submitted through ScholarOne, the online submission and review system – Please ensure you select the correct special issue when submitting. Manuscripts should be prepared according to the Author Guidelines for Gender in Management and will follow the journal’s usual double-blind peer review process.

Submissions deadline: 30 November 2015

All inquiries should be directed to the attention of:
Prof. (Dr.) Ramanjeet Singh

Amity University, India
Guest Editor
Gender in Management: An International Journal
E-mail: drramanjeet at

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