Financing women’s entrepreneurship: Options, strategies and outcomes.

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ESRC Finance Seminar Series

Location: The University of Nottingham

Date: Tuesday 15th September 2015 (09:30-17:30)

Venue: Room B03, The Sir Colin Campbell Building, Triumph Road, Nottingham, NG7 2TU.

Admission: Free and includes drinks reception after the event.

Event chair: Professor Susan Marlow, The University of Nottingham.

Keynote speaker: Professor Susan Coleman, Hartford University, USA.

Confirmed speakers and plenary members:
Maggie O’Carroll (The Women’s Organisation)
Dr Louise Beaumont (GLI Finance)
Professor Susan Marlow (The University of Nottingham)
Professor Dean Patton (Bournemouth University)
Professor Monder Ram (Birmingham University)
Professor Richard Roberts (Birmingham University/Barclays Bank)
Professor Julia Rouse (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Full programme to be available shortly.

There is now some consensus that women do not lack entrepreneurial ability but gendered disadvantages constrain their accrual of entrepreneurial resources to start and grow their ventures. A key resource in this process being finance; evidence indicates that women owned ventures are under-capitalised at start-up which in turn, has implications for sustainability and scalability. Within this seminar we will explore the relationship between gender, women, finance and entrepreneurial activity drawing upon presentations from international researchers, practitioners and industry experts. Outlines for power point presentations from doctoral students and ECRs to discuss their research around this topic are invited.

Please contact Professor Susan Marlow for details.

There are a number of bursaries available to support travel costs for presenters, doctoral students and ECR attendees. Please indicate if you qualify for this on the registration form.

Register now to attend.

This seminar is part of a wider programme put together by Bournemouth University. Find out more about the Access to Finance for SMEs seminar series.

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