ECSB/ISBE GENSIG Confreat  11th- 13th July 2018,  Aarhus University, Denmark

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This year’s confreat was a departure for GEN as it was the first time is was held outside the  UK and it was also a collaboration between the ISBE GEN SIG and the European Council for Small Business (ECSB), which organizes the annual RENT conference. GEN co-chair Dr Sally Jones and Prof Helle Neergaard, from ECSB organized the event, which was held at Aarhus University in Denmark.

GEN’s confreat is primarily aimed at doctoral students and early career researchers. The idea for the confreat format emerged from a desire to provide a unique space where the rigour of an academic conference is combined with the supportive and encouraging aspects of a retreat environment. The experience is designed to sharpen paper-writing skills and help develop both academic and professional skills and networks. PhD and ECRS were also offered small grants to support their attendance.

It was a truly international event bringing together scholars from Saudi Arabia, Italy, France, Latvia, Poland, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, Finland and the UK.

The confreat was also supported by internationally recognised gender and entrepreneurship scholars Prof. Susan Marlow, Prof. Ulla Hytti and Prof. Helle Neergaard, who gave presentations on the publishing process and provided individual feedback to delegates on their papers.

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