Co-Chairs – Sally Jones and Haya Al-Dajani

Treasurer – Lorna Treanor

Associate Chair – Marketing and Communications – Angela Dy

Associate Chair – Partnership Development – Julia Rouse

Associate Chair – Membership Development – Carol Ekinsmyth

Associate Chair – Professional Development – Maria Villares Varela

Associate Chair – Events Development and Support – Natalia Vershinina

GEN Track Chair/s (biannual change)

  • Lorna Treanor
  • Maria Villares-Varela
  • Janice Byrne


Member Bios

Dr Haya Al-Dajani’s career has encompassed a combination of international academic and industry based activity. She was awarded the highly competitive Senior Fulbright Scholar in Residence Award twice. Her current research, enterprise and engagement activities are focused on women’s enterprise and empowerment, business growth for women’s micro and small firms, enterprise in disadvantaged communities, and entrepreneurial learning in higher education. She is a member of the Editorial Boards of the International Small Business Journal, International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship, and the Journal of Family Business Management. She is pleased to co-chair the Gender and Enterprise Network (GEN) – an ISBE special interest group and member of the Women’s Organisation’s International Research Hub Expert Panel.

Dr Carol Ekinsmyth is an economic geographer at the University of Portsmouth, UK. Her recent published research and ongoing work, investigates the phenomena of small-scale entrepreneurship carried out (and started up) within the context of motherhood, family life and home/neighbourhood space. Here, the intersection between entrepreneurship, working practices and the rest of life are the focus. These interests are situated within the gender and entrepreneurship, home-based business and family-business literatures, as well as literatures in the fields of labour geographies and neighbourhood studies. In previous research work, Carol has explored the working realities of freelance workers who rely for their livelihoods on tenuous and insecure links to London’s magazine publishing industry. In publications arising from this project, she explored these conditions from the perspectives of both the individual workers and organizational structures, making use of the conceptual lenses of risk, project organization and ‘embeddedness’. In new work, Carol is continuing her focus on entrepreneurship, but this time considering digital entrepreneurs who are often situated in the creative sectors of the economy. She also has interests in freelance creative workers and local creative economies more generally.

Dr Sally Jones is Reader in Entrepreneurship and Gender Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School.  She completed her PhD thesis – exploring gender, higher education and entrepreneurship – in 2011. Other roles prior to joining MMU include Lecturer in Enterprise at the University of Leeds, Research Associate at Bradford University, Business Development and Knowledge Transfer roles at Huddersfield University and Business Advice/Project Management roles at community arts/training companies, Artimedia and the Women’s Electronic Village Hall (Manchester). Sally has over 20 years experience of teaching and training in a variety of settings including FE, HE, creative industries, charities and the not-for-profit sectors and has also managed several European business support projects. Her research investigates the gendering of entrepreneurship and its impacts on entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship policy and entrepreneurial practice.

Dr Angela Martinez Dy is Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Loughborough University London. She received her MSc Entrepreneurship (Dist) in 2010 and PhD in 2015 from Nottingham University Business School. Her research interests include digital entrepreneurship, feminism, gender, intersectionality and critical realist philosophy. A founding member and former Director (2005-2009) of the arts education social enterprise Youth Speaks Seattle, she has more than a decade of experience as an educator, teaching artist, public speaker, and co-founder of new community organisations. She works with Digital Women UK as an associate and advocate for women working in the digital economy.

Professor Julia Rouse is the Head of the Sylvia Pankhurst Gender Research Centre in Manchester Metropolitan University’s Faculty of Business and Law. She leads a team who work with academic colleagues and external partners to innovate teaching, research and enterprise through a dozen Subject Clusters. She has extended our understanding of entrepreneur as embedded in family life courses by publishing on the childcare barrier to entrepreneurship and the relationship between entrepreneur motivations, life courses and performance. Julia is also a founder and former Chair of the Gender and Enterprise Network (GEN), an international community of more than 500 stakeholders interested in advancing and employing scholarship on women’s enterprise and the gendering of entrepreneurship.

Dr Lorna Treanor is a Fellow of the Royal Society and a Fellow of the Centre for Higher Education Research and Practice. She is Treasurer and a co-founder of the Gender and Enterprise Network, the ISBE Special Interest Group established in 2010 to promote scholarly research into the gendering of entrepreneurship. Additionally, Lorna is Deputy VP Policy and Deputy VP Education on the ISBE Board having taken up trusteeship in 2011. Lorna recently completed her PhD at the University of Nottingham exploring the impact of gender on women’s entrepreneurial activity and the relationship with industry structure in a feminising profession. Lorna’s research interests include business incubation, social entrepreneurship and women’s entrepreneurship in atypical contexts.

Dr Natalia Vershinina is a Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Birmingham Business School. She has a PhD in Business Relationships and prior to that completed MBA from De Montfort University, and DEng in Foreign Economic Relations from St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design. Her main teaching responsibilities are in entrepreneurship and small firms. Her research cuts across diverse but complementary areas of entrepreneurship, gender, family firms, ethnicity and social class.  She is a Co-Chair for Entrepreneurship SIG and a Council Member at British Academy of Management, and a Co-Chair for Family and Community Business Track at Institute of Small Business and Enterprise Conference. Her research work won multiple awards at BAM, ISBE and INBAM. She is also on the committee of ISBE Gender and Enterprise Network (GEN).

María Villares Varela is a Research Fellow at Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Enterprise (CREME) at the University of Birmingham, carrying out research in the field of ethnic minority business and small firms. Her research explores the impact of financial and human capital on the mobilization of social capital for the entrepreneurial strategies of Latin Americans in Spain. She has been a visiting scholar at COMPAS (University of Oxford); IMES (University of Amsterdam); ISET (London Metropolitan University); School of Social Sciences and Law (Oxford Brookes); and ERCOMER (University of Utrecht).

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