Upcoming Events

8th November 2017 – 1pm –  GENSIG AGM – ISBE Conference, Belfast

8th November 2017 – 2pm – 3.30pm –  GENSIG Webinar: Conquering Borders: Gender, Entrepreneurship and Prosperity (part of the ISBE Conference)

Past Events (click through for event summaries and presentations)

17-19 July 2017: GEN Confreat, Manchester Metropolitan University,

15 June 2017:  Challenging Genderered Media Mis(S)repesentations – , ESRC Conference, Goodenough College, London

27-28 April 2017:  BAM Joint Event: Think-Space for Gender Theory: Considering a Critical Realist (Rather Than Social Constructionist) Approach To Gender Research, Loughborough University London.

27-28 October 2016: ISBE 2016 (Paris)

2 March 2016: Gender and Class at Work (Birmingham)

21-22 Nov 2015: Missing in Action: Women and Digital Enterprise in the UK (Nottingham)

15 Sep 2015: Financing women’s entrepreneurship: Options, strategies and outcomes (Nottingham)

4 November 2014 Developing Women’s Enterprise to Create Sustainable Communities

20 June 2014 Innovating Theory: Gendering and Extending Entrepreneurship Theory

13 Mar 2014 Innovating Method: Researching Gender and Entrepreneurship

11 Nov 2013 To Infinity And Beyond … The future of women’s entrepreneurship: the policy-research interface

20 Sept 2013 ISBE GEN SIG Thinkspace on the Gendering of Entrepreneurship: New Theoretical and Empirical Insights


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