Request for Proposals: Seeking New Insights and Potential Sources of New Entrepreneurial Growth: Women

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Deadline: August 15, 2015

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation is seeking research proposals that generate knowledge and expertise that can feed joint learning, innovative practices, and evidence-based policymaking for successful entrepreneurship and the financing of entrepreneurial ventures by women (and men).

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • How does women’s entrepreneurship fuel social and economic development, including job creation and gender equality?
  • What is known about the impact and effects of women entrepreneurship promotion (WEP) policies and support programs, especially around high-growth entrepreneurship? 
  • How can private sector and public policy contribute to successful women’s entrepreneurship? 
  • How can entrepreneurial ecosystems support startup, growth, and sustainability of women’s entrepreneurship?
  • What are policies and practices for women’s entrepreneurship promotion? What is the evidence of impact?
  • What are best practices and instruments of private sector development programs that are effective for women entrepreneurs?
  • What are the best practices for empowering women entrepreneurs in the value-chain, and what are the challenges?
  • What works in terms of public and private collaboration and market-driven practices for women’s entrepreneurship promotion?
  • How do we measure policy impact, and what is the return on investment in women entrepreneurs?
  • What impact do policies and practices have on female investor promotion?
  • What should be done about measuring implicit (unconscious) bias against women founders?(experimental research on the gatekeepers and funders)
  • Why does the gender gap persist in obtaining business financing, and does the persistent underrepresentation of women in the financing industry, especially venture capital, play a role?
  • Do women entrepreneurs have better access to the new funding sources, such as crowdfunding?
  • In relation to households and entrepreneurial exits, how do employment and self-employment histories intertwine alongside personal characteristics, such as marriage status, children, human capital, etc.?

More info at: http://www.kauffman.org/blogs/growthology/2015/06/women-call-for-proposals