Business Opportunities with WeConnect International

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WEConnect International is a corporate-led non-profit and their goal is to connect more majority women owned businesses (those that are at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by one or more women) into the corporate supply chain. Their corporate members represent $700 billion in annual purchasing power and are true pioneers in inclusive sourcing and global supplier development. More information can be found on their website: http://weconnectinternational.org/en/


New Replacement Warehouse Robot – UK

The requirement is for a robotic palletising system to palletise shipper cartons from twelve input conveyor spurs to output pallets. The system will comprise of the following hardware:

2 X Palletising Robots; A 20 metre linear base; Twin gripper head; 2 X Cell control system; All securing and foundation bolts; Packing and delivery to site; Offloading and positioning; Installation and Training. If this is something your firm may be able to provide, please let me know as I have a much more detailed specification that I can share with you.

Programmable Logic Controller Upgrade – UK

The requirement is to upgrade the obsolete S5 hardware to ET200MP, the WinCC SCADA and S7 CPU’s to 1500 class. The automated warehouse is controlled from a central Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system running Siemens WinCC V5.1. The warehouse is split into three areas: SCL, SCS and FGW and each area has a single Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) associated with it that interfaces back to the WinCC SCADA. Remove all remaining S5 PLC’s that exist within the SCL and SCS systems and replace the main PLC CPU’s with up to date units and upgrade the SCADA from version 5.1 to the latest version (V7). S5 PLCs to be replaced: 1. Transfer Car, SCS ; 2. Gramec, SCL ; 3. Line 4 lift, SCL; 4. Line 10 lift, SCL; 5. Line 11 lift, SCL.

Stainless Steel Fabrication Services – UK

The supplier must be able to provide engineering stainless steel fabrication works in GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing areas. Jobs are varied based on requirements of the engineering group to maintain equipment, make continuous improvements in the manufacturing zones and modifications to pharma manufacturing equipment. The incumbent supplier has one person based at site full time and the contract is for approximately 6,500 man hours a year. The supplier needs to have pharma experience and capabilities to manufacture in GMP areas. A locally based supplier would be advantageous – the site is in Northumberland, UK. Weekend working is also often required.

 Sorting and Containment Suppliers – Europe (including Eastern Europe)

They require a supplier who can provide supervisors and inspectors (often at short notice) to their plants.

Inspectors need to be able to do the following:

Rework: Execute rework based on documented instructions, potentially inspection according to checklist included, for components and complete products; Assure that all Quality concerns are documented (via failure list or checklist); Speaking and understanding of local language.

Simple Inspection: Execute incoming goods inspection according test planning; Execute quarantine area for non-conforming parts / products; Execute measures or check activities according to control plan for components and complete products.

Supervisors need to be able to do the following:

Complex Inspection / Supervision: Plan and execute all necessary measurements in the lab; Manage gauge and test equipment calibration system; Perform calibration, R&R studies and wear trend analyses; Ensure compliance to ISO / IEC 17025 standard or adequate based on customer requirements.

Quality Support: Subordinate to AQE Engineer; customer liaison or plant SQA; Technical administrator; Defect shut off process, Supplier Management, Interims Management and Compliance Management, Perform IMDS; Ensure that customer and internally identified quality issues are resolved using the JCI problem solving methods (8D Report, Problem Solving Document “PSD”, PCAD, Kepner-Tregoe, etc.); Prepare control plans for purchase and execution of incoming goods inspection according to test planning; Ensure defect-free deliveries of purchased part to production and evaluate supplier capability and prepare necessary reports; Monitor supplier performance and coordinate MQR activities/ meetings; Prepare necessary corrective / preventive actions, follow up, verify and release corrective actions; Communicate with suppliers in case of non-conforming parts and ensure corrective actions; Ensure Supplier Part Submission Process (PPAP) for new and changed products and support APQP activities; Manage quarantine area for non-conforming parts/products.

Furniture Installation Services – Europe

Requirement for a supplier who can install furniture products manufactured by Haworth/Herman Miller inside Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Providers need to be able to read floor plans and install products in those regions and speak the native language which is a key requirement on the project site. They are interested in installers that can demonstrate prior experience working in those markets for other large multinational organisations.

Free webinar: So you want to be on a board – but do you have what it takes? Thursday 21st May at 5pm GMT

Whether it’s the board of an SME, a charity, a public sector organisation or even the board of governors at a local school, you’ve got to have the skills, disciplines, the passion, traits and characteristics to get you there and keep you there. Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE Author of “7 Traits of Highly Successful Women on Boards”, interviewed 22 women currently occupying board positions in large, small, public and private sector companies and organisations across the UK, which resulted in this book now coined “the board women’s bible”. Through a range of challenging questions the interviews yielded insightful and very personal responses about the business women’s ascension to the boardroom; or to the top of their industry sectors, and what it takes to help them stay there. During this WEConnect International webinar you will find out what the acronym L.E.A.D.E.R.S. mean and which traits the interviewees most associated with their success. 

More information and the online sign up form can be found here: http://www.weconnecteurope.org/event/so-you-want-be-board-do-you-have-what-it-takes

WEConnect International Annual Conference 2014

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WEConnect International would like to invite you to their conference which will be a daylong event jam-packed with talks, presentations and breakout sessions that are 100% focussed on helping women business owners to succeed and achieve. Throughout the day, there will also be unique opportunities to network and connect with both other women business owners and representatives from WEConnect International’s global corporate members including conference sponsors Accenture, AIG, Coca Cola, EY, IBM, Marriott and Cummins. So if you’re interested in growing your business and understanding more about working with multinational organisations, this conference is not to be missed! Read the rest of this entry »

Opportunities with WEConnect International

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WEConnect International is a corporate-led non-profit and their goal is to connect more majority women owned businesses (those that are at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by one or more women) into the corporate supply chain. Their corporate members represent $700 billion in annual purchasing power and are true pioneers in inclusive sourcing and global supplier development. More information can be found on their website: http://weconnectinternational.org/en/

WEConnect currently has the following business opportunities – if you are a majority owned women’s business that could provide either requirement, please get in touch with Maggie Berry, Executive Director for Europe – 07776 302 906 or mberry at weconnectinternational dot org.

Porterage Services: Due to various upcoming refurbishment projects, one of WEConnect International’s corporate members will shortly be conducting a tender exercise for porterage services and they’re looking for a supplier to carry out the physical internal and external staff moves for all their London projects (five locations across the city). The total anticipated external and internal staff moves in next 24 months is likely to be c18,000. If you know of a women owned businesses that can carry out this project, please ask them to get in touch with me asap as the tender documents are being issued on Friday 11th July.

Pharmaceutical Requirements: One of WEConnect International’s corporate members operating in the pharmaceutical industry requires a supplier who can undertake the labelling of sterile products, cartridges & vials. Another supplier is required who can provide an assembly unit for assembling plungers and rods for a sterile product. They currently use a Corima machine but they need to invest into new equipment and would be delighted if they can find a product supplied by a women owned business to consider in the tender process.

Recruitment firms with experience in the pharmaceutical sector: One of WEConnect International’s corporate members is currently reviewing their PSL (preferred supplier list) for permanent/contingency recruitment providers who can supply staff in the UK, the Netherlands and/or Germany. Agencies must have experience of supplying staff to the pharmaceutical sector – the kind of roles they will be recruiting for are administration, manufacturing, research, sales and marketing.

Engineering services firms: One of WEConnect International’s corporate members is currently looking to identify any majority owned women’s businesses with experience in the engineering services sector. They are looking for firms with architecture and design experience as well as construction management skills. At the moment they have a portfolio of small projects (up to $5m in value) that need managing – projects are varied and could include building and construction, electrical installations, build of clean rooms, machine placement.

Firms with products for a hotel chain: One of WEConnect International’s corporate members is currently on the lookout for any women owned businesses that have products that could be used in a hotel. This includes food and drink products as well things like linen, furniture, technology, gardens and more (unfortunately they are not looking at beauty/spa products). They are especially interested in hearing about innovative products (or potentially services) that may be used by hotel guests.

Training Services Aggregator: One of WEConnect International’s corporate members is conducting a strategic review of training services in the UK and they are looking for a company that can manage their training companies as an aggregator. They have a large number of small training providers (total scope and value to be defined) and they would like to speak to companies that could manage all their relationships on their behalf. Solutions should be more than just managing the financial aspects of the transactions – they would look to the supplier to give them options to be as efficient and effective as possible – e.g. having web based solutions such as a single portal that stakeholders could go to select training would be very helpful. Having European capability may also be an advantage as they may want to address this across the region. This project is likely to kick off in Q3/4 of 2014 so at present they are seeking information. All options are open but they know there are companies out there who perform this work and buying “off the shelf” is usually more cost effective than a bespoke solution but they are open to look at all options at the moment.